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Support for cataloging legacy items
While I support the dev team's effort to add new items to each update, a welcome addition in my eyes would be to make finding old items in the customization suite thanks to each update. There's a plethora of items that desperately need to be reintroduced to the economy, perhaps even with updated features like level based upgrading or even added custom texture support. This would not only make each update better, but also reintroduce items into the marketplace that have essentially depreciated in value for no reason, and even maybe incentivize a more active playerbase.
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I'll look into it, the idea seems pretty valid as many items have reached rarity due to not being re-introduced, where the item wasn't meant to hold much collector value. The one issue, which has been addressed before, is that these items are rare now, collectors have paid hefty amounts to have them, and people that use these items have usually paid even more.

I'm pretty much the one responsible for re-introduction of legacy items, and I tread lightly to not harm anyone in the process. The safest route is by throwing these items into the premium BP, as there is a paywall and the numbers tend to be more limited in return, but obviously there is no "right approach" as there will always be someone that loses out/gains in the process. One thing is for certain though, items of real rarity won't be restocked, the only option is to make a new version which doesn't affect it's current status.

Always open to dialogue keeping thread open in case anyone has any questions/opinions.