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Sma's Tricking progression thread
making this thread to document my progression in tricking and to archive my old replays

Gonna start off with a mega rpl dump (1 is the oldest and 7 is the most recent)

I've been tricking since September of last year and have been having lots of fun just messing about in general
Please feel free to critique or analyse any replays in this thread as this is all for the sake of improving at tricking
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1_Onyx -T-.rpl (953.5 KB, 5 views)
2_Detroit V2 -T-.rpl (2.03 MB, 2 views)
3_Azure -T-.rpl (1.18 MB, 2 views)
4_Suzuki -T-.rpl (799.5 KB, 1 views)
5_Tsukuyomi -T-.rpl (754.3 KB, 2 views)
6_KickingSpree -T-.rpl (995.7 KB, 3 views)
7_BrokenMind -T-.rpl (1.37 MB, 4 views)
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great improvement, but it seems that you were mostly focused on learning techniques for big tricks. They look somewhat decent now, but I recommend you pay more attention to your form and flow. Your last replay is obviously way better than you first one, you got faster and less stiff which I personally really like in tricking, but sometimes you slow down noticeably which makes your replays not so pleasant to watch. Keep working on your form too.
Tried working on flow and improving my tech
trying new things and just messing around
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8_CrashTest -T-.rpl (1.01 MB, 8 views)
the last two tricks are a lot cleaner than the ones before them whether its form speed or whatever. in general id look towards improving your form like ahe said as well as focusing more on generating spin or flip instead of height. your first few tricks get a lot of height but the spin is very very slow and it looks incredibly floaty and generally unappealing. also i think you extend your hips too much when you tuck and it not only looks weird but its also inefficient. try looking at a replay that does it better and attempt to copy it and see if it works for you. i also noticed youre under utilising your pecs A LOT in every windup relying almost 100% on chest and its just bad tech overall to do this. your timing is also off in many places. a general rule is that you want all your joints to reach maximum extension or whatever at the same time to create the most amount of momentum. so for example if your pecs arent fully to the right but your chest is and your hips arent either youre losing a lot of free momentum. for example here your pecs are extremely delayed and youre already contracting the left knee and hip, its just very poorly timed.
overall though for a beginner youre doing really well and its nice to see new people trying to improve. best of luck
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Thanks epoch. This replay was primarily a result of me attempting to try and learn new tech, my setups aren't really something that I've payed much attention to in the past and I'm looking to improve them in the current, in this replay my primary focus was to improve my cheat tech and to maximize the height and rotation i get from the launch as i felt as though my previous cheat tech had issues that decreased the power of the movement and overall was just more inefficient than what i am trying to learn, its a WIP and I'm just trying to see what is most effective. As for the tuck, that was just a resultant of me extending everything and messing around and is not how i normally initiate any sort of tuck. My setups are probably the worst in this replay and I've just got to pay more attention and focus on improving my horrendous looking setups as to improve the aesthetics of my replays and be more efficient with my movements in general.
Back at it again with a new replay, i tried heavily focusing on the setups and timing as per epoch's advice and kept trying new things.
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9_TheDestroyer -T-.rpl (1.65 MB, 0 views)
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improved my cheat tech, made funny replay

DOM is shit but there were some cool tricks
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10_Hettorage -T-.rpl (988.6 KB, 3 views)
new replay, this was a significant improvement from my last post as I've improved my cheat tech and fixed my previous issues. Also there were some really unique tricks towards the end that you probably haven't seen in a while or at all before!

Please feel free to critique or analyse this replay as this thread is all for the sake of recording and improving my tricking!
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11_BadWater -T-.rpl (1.13 MB, 6 views)
I like your flow and the power in the cheat setups looks great. Backsweep was a bit iffy but I'm sure you know that. Sideswipe in pseudo-back out and parafuso double dleg made me chuckle. The axis on the double dleg could use some improvement to make both the dlegs go around your body completely. You should try bnt.tbm if you want tricks of that silliness to flow well and not look as forced. Genereal structure of the combo is a bit dull. Try playing around more with landing stances and different takeoffs. There's tons of ways to make even the simpler tricks look a lot more interesting.
Keep 'em coming!
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Thanks mack, definitely going to try a bnt replay soon. I'm working to learn some new goofy transitions and tricks as I dislike the repetitive downtime between each trick, and I am still in the process of improving my cheat tech. My main issue that I come across in many setups and attempts is that I gain a lot of vertical height in exchange for having a bad angle (where my body is not upright), this makes my rotations much less efficient than they could be and is sort of bottlenecking the variation of my tricks from the cheats. I'm still in the process of learning the effect of managing joints differently and I hope that I can find a way to improve/resolve my issues.
BNT Replay!!!!
I see why this mod is so loved. (for you mack )
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12_Insanity -T-.rpl (984.5 KB, 5 views)
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