Bnt replay had some really sick tricks. I especially like the 540 gyro hyperhook. It takes some getting used to but with time bnt is just honestly the best mod for maintaining flow and creativity while still pulling off high level tricks. In the end tricking is about keeping your movements aesthetically pleasing through the way they are executed. Bnt gives you a fuckton of power but you don't really have to use all of it to pull off the tricks you want in the best way possible. More of those please!

While doing a dub dub in xspar is impressive, you can see how these higher level tricks and combos are limited by the mod itself. It's fine of course, difficulty has it's place in the quality of a replay as well. I just prefer having them look less forced and more creative, even if that sacrifices those super high level tricks. I'd rather see a super high quality double cork, or a lower level combo with creative transitions, instead of a dub dub where you have to rotate the shit out of your upper body to not underrotate it.
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Thanks Mack! Can definitely say that after playing Bnt for the first time, its got me hooked. I love the freedom of being able to do any trick as long as you are creative enough and the craziness of the sheer amount of power you gain from movements that would not generally be possible in standard Xspar.
Bnt is a really fun mod that allows for so much more creativity and smoothness. my aim to make my tricking good enough to make any replay (xspar etc) look as though it is as fluent and unforced as any Bnt replay. I believe that much more is still possible in standard xspar that has not been achieved yet and i would like to be the first tricker to achieve those unprecedented feats.
Definitely going to start playing bnt regularly as its just in general a more entertaining mod, however i also enjoy the difficulty and the trial-and-error nature of xspar because i like doing dumb stuff that involves many tries to achieve (thats why my replays folder is a massive mess )
back at it again trying new dumb funny combos and tricks
also ive improved my cheat tech and understanding on why the tech gets much more power.
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