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Sma's general replay thread
making this thread to showcase all kinda replays really, probably mostly gonna be realism game modes and a mix of SP and MP.

Gonna start off with a pk replay i just finished.
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Realism Parkour.rpl (1.77 MB, 3 views)
F@£! yeah tori dating!!! (please no scam i 100% clicked that link) -ps, where the mods at?? Epoch slacking smh
Thread revival now that im not as shit

Spar with vane replay was a serious trip down memory lane as the last time i played with vane (around 8ish months ago) i was a complete noob ill also put my oldest replay with him (xspoor replay) so it can be compared to my most recent replay with him as a indicator of progression in this old ass 3d stickman game.

And voila!! now i dont post in this thread until another toridating link is posted in this channel!!!; No gatekeeping Epoch (only real moderator)
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Spar W MetemPsychos.rpl (599.4 KB, 1 views)
Spar W Vane -Nostalgia-.rpl (372.7 KB, 1 views)
Spar W Orber.rpl (308.3 KB, 3 views)
xspoor.rpl (661.5 KB, 1 views)
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