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Yes, Hampa is actually a renowned psychologist and neuroscientist from Sweden who was funded by the government to conduct deep studies in the right bilateral prefrontal cortex, region of the brain responsible for social interactions with participation in brain waves responsible for providing sexual pleasure. This study's main objective is to detect how intrusive a gaming addiction can be to the point of interfering with interactions with the external world, detecting which are the main parties in the generation of social blockade, aiming at the creation of private post-apocalyptic metaversal worlds, virtual worlds in which people can live and create what they want when the world we live in today no longer exists. It is a top secret program and aims to introduce technology as the main way of life for human beings so that there are new studies. During your life in your virtual world, dozens of neuroscientists will carry out tests and studies on your brain waves and vital signs to know how great the influence of the feelings experienced in your virtual life is on your physical body, which can open doors to the creation of superhumans with highly antisocial and unsentimental tendencies so that they can be used as builders and servants who work tirelessly to create colonies on Mars, all funded by the government of Georgia and the Netherlands, along with participation from Sweden and Norway in political matters. But of course, all I'm saying here is actually the best way my brain found to ask me for help and I'm actually having a stroke right now, but this is a subject for further studies involving this game called Toribash and Hampus Soderstrom.
Or you thought it was just a simple online game?

now im buggin out
the percentage of people weird enough to stick with the community just got bigger as the game died out and now it's just duellers and creatures like me who check forums to see if theyre still aura battling