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Bellows crew
I know Ale also plays bellow based instruments, but does anyone else in toribash play the Accordion/other.

Here's my beginner Bandoneon (110 notes)

I've never seen this, do you have a video playing it!
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list0 on Discord, reach out for inquiries.
Or send me a private message, I'm responsive.

[7:19 PM] Aliosa: Can't have loopholes if there are no loops.

[9:14 AM] Viddah: Just remember if you step on toes youre gonna have to suck on them to make the pain go away
[9:16 AM] [Faux_fan]ancient: put me in the screenshot
oh man I'm so excited for you, the keyboards logic is a world of pain it makes no sense at all

is that an Ernst L Arnold? or just inspired by it? doesn't look quite like an ELA due to the open lyres on the corner, and an ELA would definitely not be a beginner instrument lol

For bandoneon I ended up buying a Bandolica which is a recent argentinian project to modernize the instrument and bring it to a new generation, it's a midi keyboard in a bandoneon form factor, here's a little snippet of me some months ago playing fur elise when I was learning the keyboard hooked up to synthesia