Got a competition up and running here.

If anyone would like to be a judge, PM me. (You can't compete and judge though)
Sounds good, I'm interested. It looks like a pretty good concept, I hope it'll be fun. Heck, as the teams are to be 2-8 players in size, if we get enough interest then we might have to make 2+ ORMO teams.

Anyone else up for some ORMO conquest?
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How about we make an ORMO team for this comp

Sure when someone explains what you are supposed to do.
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You and your team start in one of the squares on the map. Each week of real time will mark the passage of one day in-game. This means you have around 5 days of real time to decide amongst yourselves where you will move (you can move one square per in-game day) and post in the week's thread (you can stand in the same square for any amount of time, should you decide to). After each day I will sum up what has happened with a short story, and examine everything.

If you end up on the same square as another team in a day, you will have a fight. This will work like a tournament, refereed by one of the people helping me. The winner remains there, might receive some kind of prize if it's an exceptional fight, and the loser is gone from the game world for 2 in-game days (2 weeks), after which they spawn on a random empty tile.

If a team loses 2 battles in a row, they are disqualified.

That's the main bit of it, who's interested in making an ORMO team then?

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Unofficial prize being offered by the community TC vacuum: 1 million TC from me.

Enough incentive for you all?
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