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formula 1 cars
Been meaning to fix and upload this mod for quite some time but have never gotten to it. So today I decided that I'll finally do it.


I present to you formula one cars in Toribash! \o/
I originally made this for the ES but then I got inactive and nearly quit Toribash.
(I'm still not very active.)
They also at first barely had any ground clearance but after messing around with jumps, I had to change that.

The controls are simple-
extend ankles and wrists to go forwards and contract to go backward.
Contract abs to go right and extend to go left.
Be careful with holding your abs, it can cause your car to lose a lot of momentum by spazzing out for a couple of frames.


formula 1 cars

I encourage all of you to go wild with creating tracks and please share your
creations in this thread!
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