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Embedded QI and TC counter
This is a suggestions for the more market oriented people to think about.

You know when people set up big market threads where they say what they sellin, buyin or tradin? Well in these threads they usually also have their TC and QI count displayed, but this is done by hand so it will stay the same until the OP edits it.

What I propose is that you could have a real time counter linked to you qi and tc respectively, which you could use in your post so it would show accurate numbers, sort of how if you link your playercard somewhere it changes in the thread without editing (afaik)
Yes i would find this very usefull. and as there are loads of people struggling with this it would be a great idea
you can already make an idea about the qi, reading the belt's title

of course, i still find it a good idea and i support it
nice solax, id love to see this implemented.

especially the tc. the qi isnt really important because they can just look at ur thing but maybe instead of the belt show qi unless there custom belt where there custom belt name would show up.
also for duelers or betters that also use the market alot this would help
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Good idea. I might look into forking shields and making some Toribash stat ones with help of the API.

Yeah. Thanks for noticing this idea solax. Would be nice to see it implemented.
I'm working on it but there are things that hold more precedence.
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