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Ranked change suggestion
I think all belts should be able to join a ranked room and play ranked but should not get as much elo then brown belts and belts higher then black belts.
White belt 10% of normal elo
Yellow belt 15% of normal elo
Orange Belt 20% of normal elo
Green Belt 25% of normal elo
BlueBelt 30% of normal elo
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For starters, I'm remaining neutral on this.

At first, it sounds like an outrageous idea, letting easy farming into the ranked rooms.

But when you think about it, if you could create a server for JUST those belts, and they still get those same elo amounts, I think it could be good. I'm just worried about the higher black belts farming the lower belts and still getting all the elo.

That's one suggestion I have, but another is making the elo gains dependent on the belts playing. In example, if a black belt fought a white belt, he wouldn't get as much elo as if he fought another black belt. The same goes for the white belt, if he wins against the black belt, he would get more elo than usual.
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Alts make this redundant

using the Glicko2 system would solve a whole host of issues
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