Endurance Onslaught 4
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Hello, and welcome. I suggest joining some teaching orgs, or clan, such as Bleu.

Also, you can apply to take training classes at Unibash.
Welcome to Toribash Community
I Suggest to Join some Clan to make you gets better, such as Bleu as shamsank says
Anyway, enjoy your stay
Welcome, don't think you need a clan or Unibash doesn't really help?
There are thousands of organization as school.
Feel free to ask anything that is Toribash related, at the beginners sanctuary board.
And be sure to read the global forum rules, or get the punishment.
Enigma | Indonesian?
rip aelise, she wil b remembrd
Welcome to the community. I suggest you never give up if you think you would like the gam if you were better (not saying your bad) and you should join a clan to get the real feel of toribash (as everyone else said)
welcome welcome to toribash forum
want to make a new clan ? click here
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