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Long Time Toribash Player, New to Forum Posting
Hey peoples of Toribash. I have been playing Toribash for a while and wasn't really "Active" on the forums. So I decided to start now! I have been reading posts and things, but I would never post anything so... as I said I wanna start now!
Have fun posting around the forums.

Make sure that you're well acquainted with the rules. Don't want to get infracted now, do we?

The forums are amazing, and I'm sure that you'll get lost in it's wonderment.

Have fun.
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Thanks! I happen to notice you are in the clan Secret! I have seen one of your clan member when I was a Beginner.
Welcome to the Forums I am new to both forums and game so I just begun doing everything and so far I am loving toribash forum and game and I hope you love them too.
Hello KuJoi,

Be sure to follow the rules, post regularly, and most importantly, have fun! Do not feel restricted, feel free to post your mind out, as long as it's sensible. I hope you enjoy your stay on the Toribash forums..
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Hey, welcome to the forums, you will like, i'm right!
Just try to not post useless stuff, read the rules for each section, then
hi kujoi nice to meet u here but how long have u played toribash and dont use the forum?
Just got an Mp3 player and broke it >Click<