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I think I should've started started my first post on this beautiful game/forum here,but meh...let's skip to the content.
Started this game about 3 weeks ago,while playing half of the time.Real life can be quite annoying,school being the biggest problem yet.As for the game, I am enjoying it,mainly cause Kat (the person who brought me here,in this game)did teach me some tricks...or what you call them.
Looking forward to be active in this forum (and game,too!) for time...
Awesome! Always good to have another person on the forums. You can thank Kat on behalf of me, for inviting someone like you to Toribash. On the forum, follow the rules, post sensibly, and have fun! Try posting in the off-topic board, where things slightly silly can be posted.

Once again, happy to have you in Toribash!
That guy named Poppo
You know, the leader of Fyre.