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Hi. I just joined toribash.
Hey I think that toribash is awsome. Is posting threads good or bad.
Also I think ppl are gonna ask me something, Why is ur name all #'s.
It is because I love math.
Also if I am a noob what does that mean.
I also wanna say that I know how to log in online and the website so nobody asks me.
welcome into the community ;) (do u like so much math ... u should give me some repitions xD) anyway i hope u ll have fun here
welcome, also noob means new to something or some one is jealous and calls you noob anyways welcome to Toribash!
1) Toribash is awesome.
2) Posting threads is great if they benifit the designated sub-forum in which the topic belongs. If you want to talk about or share replays you should post a thread in the Replays section of the forums. If you want to buy/sell an Item from a player, you should post in the Market section of the forums.
3) Math is great, and will sometimes help you in toribash.
4) A noob in toribash is refered to as a new player, a player that doesn't know about the game, or someone with a low belt title.
5) Join a beginner server and play some matches. Try to get the hang of what the joints do and have fun.

Welcome. If you need any help, feel free to ask. Also, since you are new here, I suggest you to contact with the ToriAgents. They help guys like you.
Thanks dudes I might ask some questions like how can u get an INFRACTION and actually what is an infraction.
Also I am having lots of fun on TORIBASH also yeah I love math but now that much not as much as PE. Also toril do u like eyes alot or what because u have a pic of an eye oh yeah how do I put an avatar.
infraction is a reproach that you are given by admin (players with colored name)
and no lol that a pic of avatar the film. If u want to put an avvy go here