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I'm finally here!
It's me, 10pilema! (I tryed to use 10pilema as my username, but it was already taken, so I changed it to 11pilema) I think I'm a green belt, but I can't remember

Anywho, Hello, Bonjour and Guten Tag, as I take my first steps into the world of the toribash forums.
BTW I went to the shop to spend some toricredits, and I've won about 100 matches, but when I got there it said that I needed to win 20 more matches. Why?
Is it becausew of my username problem? (My actual toribash name is 10pilema, but apparently that name is taken on here)
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Brand-Spanking-New to the world of Toribash!
Nice to meet you, though your post count says you are on 0.
"Always Extreme at heart."
I don't check the forums or go in-game anymore, I have quit.