Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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MAS Highlights
Hello Folks,

I need you to bury me under the best MAS replays. I want to highlight that new part of Toribash.

Any mod is good until it is MAS replays but no default toris, only modified ones !

My previous highlight was about SP replays :

My actual work with Binklawz about MAS :

I am still hesitating about the song that I will use for that.
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It's a start
I didn't have much that was video worthy.
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kumo mas binkk.rpl (972.8 KB, 4 views)
kumo mas taza.rpl (665.5 KB, 3 views)
kumo mas reptile.rpl (699.9 KB, 4 views)
kumo mas stance.rpl (825.0 KB, 5 views)
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Here's some good ones. Lots of good grappling in these. If you'd like some more grappling replays, I've got plenty more.
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Finals Round 3.rpl (561.8 KB, 2 views)
Finals Round 5.rpl (559.0 KB, 2 views)
Sushi long mma 1.rpl (1.56 MB, 2 views)
IsRApHel30 wrestle.rpl (798.4 KB, 2 views)
Feeding the hands.rpl (560.9 KB, 3 views)
s_mma_wip4.tbm (27.1 KB, 2 views)
s_mma_tfc.tbm (33.4 KB, 2 views)
s_mma_wip3.tbm (27.1 KB, 2 views)
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Every styles are welcome, until it is mas replays.

Bytheway guys, if your replays have parts that you don't want me to show, just let me know, I may take multiple replays and stick them together like it is only one fight, just say me the frames you want to see. For example : "MAS2 take from frame X to frame X", or "take from the supermanpunch to the back kick".

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

Hey mocu
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Chaz-Rep - modtestrlsm.rpl (1.23 MB, 2 views)
Chaz-Rep - RTI-1.rpl (2.16 MB, 2 views)
spar_lawz.tbm (6.8 KB, 1 views)
rain_shrinewip3.tbm (26.3 KB, 2 views)
mma1.rpl (1.88 MB, 2 views)
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Here's another really good fight. Also, there's a huge suplex in the second replay.
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Sushi long mma 2.rpl (1.55 MB, 4 views)
zolvic suplex.rpl (399.6 KB, 3 views)
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