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shaking some rust off my editing. I'm interested in trying out an editing concept that is trying not to change the speed of the replay to hit the beats/sync as much as I can. But rather setting it to one speed. And seeing how much of the natural flow of the replay hits the sync. (but obviously i alter the speed at certain stylistic parts)

Hope you enjoy :P

Replays by Matarika, Swexx, Glimpsed, Spirals, Haluejah.
Edited with Final Cut pro x and After Effects CC. Twixtor/RSMB

song: H.E.R- I won't
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Slow-Mo - You should work on this slow twixtor moments, if you know what i mean, really hurts when in 60FPS video, some of the moments is coming in 30FPS, like there - 0:21 , 0:23 .

Camera Work - The camera point on 0:18 - 0:19 feels really uncomfortable, i think you could make the view, when Uke is visible on the whole screen, not just part of them.

CC - I'll recommend you to use Magic Bullet Looks, it is really good software for making color corrections for your videos.

Music - All is good there.

Hope this will help you somehow. Good luck on your next edits, bro :3
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