goddamn son.

loved the opener; had that oldschool feel to it.
DM's were godly.

Watching your replays makes me wish I never stopped making SP madmans.
I'm shit now.
i tried -30 friends
it isnt that good but i like it a bit
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''It isn't that good''-Internet 2015.

Holly shit.
You know what, you are right. It isn't good. It's fucking awesome.
Everything blew my mind. The opener, the movement, kicks, DMs.....
Jesus christ on a bike, you left me speechless.....
ORMO|Replays n' stuff|RIP Monk
Its really good. I mean some of your movements were kind of awkward, but your form was great and the flow wasn't too bad. Explosions were nice and it was almost perfect symmetry.
good job
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11:44 PM - mokoshotar: do you think if i give you a list of bullies at my school you could butterfly jutsu them