Only thing i didnt like is how in the beginning Uke completely missed, he just hit the ground and you werent even moving xD But i loved the fluency,the jumps,dodges- 9/10
Swexx. You do not, by any means recieve the amount of praise required to fully compensate for the beauty that you concoct through toribash.

Sorry... my proper english kicked in there... I was all like, 'wtf?1'..

But in essence what I said is true. You're the/one of the best replay makers toribash has ever seen bro. Despite some of it's minor limitations, you can make movements seem so frikking real its unbelievable.

I will say that ^.. and nothing else for cnc, because if I were to comment on individual replays... even just on this page, I would be here all day commenting on every little flawless detail.. and I don't have the mental copacity to concentrate on it all frame by frame. So I wish you good tidings and.. 2 turtle doves.. and an abundance of muffins as you continue your noble replaymaking path.

<3 muffin
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, tuppence tuppence tuppence a baaaggg
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That was amazing.
Really good.

I loved how you both tryed but missed each other, lol.
I also liked how you killed Uke in the end.

Good job.

thanks for the comments guys.

pretty proud of this new selfspar with staffs that i'm working on.
will create more parts and post them tomorrow, but pelase enjoy these two parts that i made today.
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A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keIOUNr_PAM
You should make it all on 1 replay.
Also how do you do that of putting the same replay on the last part so you can continue it on another replay O.o?
Looks amazing.
Your movements and everything was perfect.
The only thing I didn't like was the reaction on Uke when you kicked his neck/back in P1.
Everything else was perfect.

Great replay. Liked that fast movements and the push sequence in the beginning of second part looked awesome and realistic.
You are deadly in either bare hand or staff.
I mean, seriously, how can you get used to other weapons and other forms like the axe battle or the ain't I cute lion run?!

10/10 Perfect.