This is a great idea and would allow replay saving to be much more streamlined, waiting in the queue of any populated server and having autosave on is the easiest way to end up with a gargantuan sized cache of replays and have your entire drive full. The inherent oddities of the .rpl files alone make it hard to even use them and to have to end up with every single one is ludicrous.
walah walah muda muda
Hey, the idea was discussed and it should be possible to implement, will give updates when there's more information. Good suggestion
While you wait, I did actually make a script for this at one point
How to make script run on game startup:
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In toribash core directory, open file profile.tbs and add the following line:
ls timestamps.lua

Make sure to add an empty line at the end, sort of how you would press enter after typing a command in chat