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I've had an idea for emotion head textures, like you bought 1 item I don't know emotion head texture? And you could upload 7 textures to it. It could change from like Hurt, Losing, Winning, Lost, Won, Decapped, Decap, ect.

It would be difficult because you can't possibly change your head without it looking simlilar.

It would also be silly because your head cannot be animated.

~Not Supported, head changing is too complicated, slightly copying your head for another person is enough.
So kinda like how minibash works but with your own heads?
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Nah, everything is cool as it is.
There's plenty of eye-candy in Toribash. And most of players wouldn't care about it.
And what omegadark1 said.
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how do you change the emotes on minibash. I tried the shop but it goes to the ios screen.

Minibash was just used as an example, were winning and losing gives you different expressions. You can't actually customise your face in Minibash.
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I dont think you can make texture a gif in 3d games, but this still is a good idea

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Not a GIF, I'm talking like if you are losing your head texture is set to what you set it to if you are losing and ect.