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Looking for an Artist to make me a head texture
Hi ! I'm looking for an artist willing to make me a head texture. I am willing to pay 50k tcs (We can discuss about the price later)

I want Chell from the game Portal 2 (Not Portal 1) in a style in between a Semi-Realistic style and an Anime style. (more like a 70% - 30% actually)
We'll talk about the details and the expression later.

If you think you can do it, and accept to do it : Contact me on discord at OrlojMural#3238 and show me your style/skills
My dms on discord are open.

Thanks for reading boiz/gurls/anything you are

(I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but market is surely not so I'm posting here)
I'm willing to make this for 200k or 10 USD, it will take me around a week to complete this.
Your request is very time consuming, usually I'd ask 400k for a head like this, but I've been away for a while so I'm feeling generous.

I fully understand that I'm asking four times your initial price, however, you will receive a 100% bespoke quality head.
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
I can continue if you'd like I made this the first time I saw your post but didn't vibe with it so stopped workin on it but if you like it I can continue and I wouldn't charge 400k for this and will prob take me maximum 1 to 2 days