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Set or just head
Just looking for a head now, I have a 50-100k budget.
Just looking for the head to be at least 512x512 and the colors to be Tesla/Quick SilverAlex Grey inspired
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Hello ztc,

I am going to close this thread since you're missing some important details about your request thread.

Please look below, make the small changes needed, and once you have done that; feel free to reopen the thread and get yourself a nice bit of art.

Originally Posted by Request Rules
C) Include:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Your budget. Budgets must be at least 10tc.

Again, have a nice day!
If you want something really really cool and plan to wear it for a while then perhaps I could do it, though I'd ask for a lot more, if you ever think of spending a good buck on this please do let me know.


Also, some of my work

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