When i tried to cook some stuff, accidentally burned all skin on my face. Somehow cooking oil just started to burn, and fire just roasted me hard. Lel
Actually that's the funniest thing happened to me.
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Once I fell from my bike, doing BMX, my knee dragged on the floor, and almost lost my knee.. (okno), But It was actually a pretty bad injury and there was a lot of blood.
The worst one definitely is when my skull got opened after i fell on the stairs with 6 years old. Well, not me, but my dad who was carrying me and i was sleeping since we had just came back from traveling to my uncles house, my dad could hold himself on a wood bar, not the same for my case. They had to take me urgently to the hospital where i got 6 surgical sutures. So whenever i cut my hair, in the back of my head there's a "C".
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When I was a kid and my biceps was small
I jumped off a small tower and tried to land like spiderman, broke my left arm xD
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When i was 9, i was playing hacky sack with a small chalkboard with my friend in school
The hacky sack dropped and i tried to pick it up, while i'm trying to reach the hacky sack, my friend was playing with the small chalkboard and throw it up really high and somehow it land straight on my head, i was really hurt for a few second, i still stand up and throw that hacky sack to my friend...
But then I felt my head is a bit warm, I touched my head and look at my hand, blood was everywhere, my fingers, my palms, they were all red.
i ran really fast to my teacher and she called the ambulance. i had to have my head sutured tho.

that's just one of the worst, i have a lot of scars on my body x)
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just one of them, far from the worst-
2017, mid-summer + I and my stepbro hanging drunk a f, we decided to climb the skijump tower, this one to be exact, (the biggest one of them), and it was a damn foggy day too. so basically we climbed through this weird construction thing which was on the side of it to the top, and just hanged there drunk a f, and as we were going down, we realised it'll be too dangerous to climb downwards that construction thing cuz we got really damn drunk while up there, so my brother just decided lets slide it down- well, it was a mistake. it was summer, so there is pool after the the wooden fence, which is being hold together with these weird metal poles- and as a foggy day, we didnt see it from up there, so we just started to slide and realised how damn steep it really was, and halfway through we see the pool and the fence there, and tried to stop the speed but couldnt cuz it is really damn steep, my brother was a bit ahead of me there and i see him crashing through the fence and i and my drunk brain just basically are aiming to that hole my brother made there, cuz if i was going to smash into the fence, i d fkn die cuz i am so lightweight- so basically i got myself aimed through that hole, but i already had scraped all of the skin of my ankles while doing it so the pain was quite nice at this point already, then i see that there is these concrete jump pads on the side of the pool, and i just basically fly the 2-3 meters in the air past my brother, to the concrete- i remember having this weird thing like a slowmotion in the air, like i was just there watching my brother coughing blood and i was flying to concrete- well basically the way i flied to the concrete, saved my life cuz i somehow managed to hit it with my shoulder straight to the flat part of the pad, i hit my head and stuff but my shoulder took most of the impact. i somehow managed to destroy my both wrists too, but the worst thing probably was the ankles and head, i got concussion, and didn't really understand anything at all around me for like a week but hey, i survived!

I jumped off one of those things you spin at a playground and hit my head directly into my dads stomach when I was like 5, I had a concussion or whatever its called

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