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Selling an account
Why selling an Toribash account is not allowed? If you have cool name (like i do ) and you dont want to play anymore, why cant i just sell my account for TC and sell the TC?

And no, im not selling my account in this post, i just want to know why this is not a thing.
Something is better than nothing.

Afaik, some people were scammed after buying accounts(the scammer says that he sells the account only after the payment, someone pays for the account, and the scammer doesn't give the account) as Nabi cannot control the money track. They prohibited to avoid this type of scam.
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The same reason it's never allowed anywhere. You can't help someone who's been scammed by buying an account. We can have your name if we want when you're inactive.
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

But why is it allowed then to sell TC for money? And why is it also banned to sell an account for TC? Not trying to poke into something, but some of the reasoning behind the account selling/buying ban stuff doesn't make much sense to me