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Typical Norwegian things
Hello, for my studies in communication design I have to make a poster for Germany's guest of honor this year. There are some more specifics but it's not relevant here. This time it's Norway and I thought I could take advantage of this multicultural community and channel some Norwegian people or others that are familiar with the country to help me out.

It's kind of hard for an outsider to list a lot of things that Norway is known for actually, as Scandinavian countries seem to be quite similar. For the list it can be anything really. Thx in advance.

So far I have:

Nature in general
Cold weather
Sports (Skiing, Base Jumping, extreme sports)
Folklore -> Trolls, Elves, Witches
Norse mythology
Not norwegian but there is fishing, smithing and helgefylla.
Ex Mikorin
"Sakura-chan is the cutest girl ever >.<!" - SkulFuk
Brown cheese
Herring and potatoes
Fishing in general, we are quite famous for our large fish export.
the smalahovet (sheeps head) tradition

Northern lights
Chess (because of magnus carlsen, worlds number 1 chess player)
Houses/cabins with grass roofs.
we are also big in architecture, thanks to companies like snøhetta.
high taxes.
The Oilfund, and massive oil wealth in general.
Having a large % electric vehicles thanks to road tax cuts.
Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg
We invented slow-tv (not that anyone cares ) and the aerosol spraycan
The sami population, which is the Norwegian natives, which often live of reindeer "farming" which have their own parliament and their own flag.
The written language is divided in to two parts, Norsk (nynorsk) and Norsk (bokmål)
Independence day is 17th of may.

There are also a lot of famous places in Norway that we are known for, I think most of all is trolltunga, but also Lofoten.

Norwegian people are quite shy, and hard to get to know (pretty much the same as sweden and finland, but they have great English.

A well functioning political system, with strong welfare and social benefits. Free education and healthcare for all, but also one of the most, if not the most expensive country in the world to live in.
very high toll fees, not a member of the EU but part of EFTA (european free trade association)
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Wow that's already more than I could ask for, thanks a ton guys it really helps, esp Ezeth. If you guys still have more, maybe something more object-based? Away from "abstract stuff" like the political system and education system since they are not the easiest to display. Maybe known wood figures, weapons, ornaments or sth?
haha no problem man! We norwegians are always happy to talk about our country, maybe too much sometimes.
as far as weapons and ornaments go, you have so much to go on thinking of the vikings, if you want something visual you can go for the dragon heads, that might have been on the front of viking ships, at least they are in pop culture, and dragon heads off the roof of buildings


Or you have the famous osebergskipet


weapons were not as fancy as in the comic books, but still pretty cool.

we have some stone carvings from the stone age, you will find them if you search for "helleristninger"


We have several stave churches built in the middle ages, that are still standing incredibly enough.


ofc, the runes, which is how vikings wrote shit down.


Going away from the vikings a little bit we have the bunad, which is the traditional clothing we wear mostly at 17th of may (the national day)
The different places in Norway have their own bunad


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I luv u Ezeth, thanks. I will keep you posted when I am progressing.

No problem ^^

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Which is the best nordic country and why is it Denmark?

Beer prices.
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