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which food would you eat for the rest of your life (with a twist)
You are in a situation where, for the rest of your life, you are forced to eat all of your meals in a the form of a type of dish. Which form do you choose?

1.) You can choose any ingredients that go into the dish, as long as the dish is prepared and served in the form you chose.
2.) You are allowed to rearrange or dissect your dish after you receive it
3.) No obvious loopholes (e.g. "I want hamburgers to be the toppings on my pizza")
4.) Drinks, snacks, and dessert are not effected by this new lifestyle.

Burrito/Wrap - wrapped in a tortilla or flatbread
Egg - omelette or scramble
On A Stick - skewered and then grilled or deep fried
Pasta/Noodles - served with pasta in either a sauce or broth
Pizza - flatbread, sauce, your choice of toppings
Rice - stir fry or served on a bed of rice
Salad - served on a bed of greens
Sandwich - served between two pieces of bread
Shake/Smoothie - everything put in a blender and served in a cup
Soup - served in a liquid broth or as a puree
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Probably over half of my meals consist of sandwiches anyway so this is barely even a stretch
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Pizza with potato slices as topping. Potato is love potato is live. And it´s got everything in it you need to survive. You could literally only eat potatoes and not get sick.
Salad for sure, since adding greenies to anything makes anything a salad
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