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125k + $10-25 USD pay Art Request
Alright, so I own a 2006 Zx6r and I want to get custom painted fairings for it.
So I'm requesting some help with drawing/sketching idea for them.

template of zx6r

Now, for what I'm wanting is something that is Baby Po themed, along with my instagram tagged somewhere, possibly on the tail piece or whever it will go well. "Druggedpanda_"

My avatar is example of what decal I would want of baby po incorporated into the design, gas tank is black.
It would be a glossy/shiny black as the main color and secondary color would be a glossy/shiny candy red/dark red.

Picture below would be generally how I would want the red worked into as a secondary color with the glossy black (similar to this one but not the same, is the bike is red/dark gray and not black)

example image

My bike is a 2006 Zx6r and you can find other templates/pictures of my bike specifically on my instagram

NOTE: This doesn't have to be a completely beautiful ass piece of work, it just needs to be done decent enough for a custom fairing company to get the idea of what I'm going for so they can work on it with me.

fairings img/vector

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