Hero Pro League
A script were time stops for uke and he stays in one spot held in mid air while tori can move (kinda like the world)

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suggesting script that can load opener from forum.toribash.com/tori_opener.php .. i mean if you do /load hhhhhhhhh++ , it will load hold all , etc. with that script, we can see our old openers
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You know how there's a NutHug replay that's called NutHug -7.rpl in the files but when you play it, it's called raymantest? I wish there was a script that would allow you to do something like that easily, without having to replay hack every single frame, and you can finally easily do it in-game.
Could anyone do a script that displays the timestamp of the chat messages? something like
[hh:mm] <Toriality> test
how about a script you can toggle (with a key, eg 0), and while it's activated if you click on a joint it'll decap it immediately without momentum, just a sudden decap with no explanation? : p