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Ranked Modlist change
I am open to hearing arguments from people who disagree, but, in my opinion, the current ranked modlist has several problems:

1) ABD is by far the most popular competitive mod, yet, in a ranked matchmake, skill in ABD is worth the same as skill in Taekkyon, a comparatively obscure mod with quite a small community. A lot of people go into ranked at a huge disadvantage because ABD is the only ranked mod they have played. There should be an even number of grappling and striking mods.

2) All of the ranked mods rely on players following unwritten rules to prevent 'cheap' wins. In lenshu, there is no reason to make a comeback if you have more points apart from being 'honourable.' In taekkyon, the same is true if you have more points and a dm splits you apart, or you never grabbed in the first place. Snap kicks and waiting for your opponent to kick and then punching the leg away are also easy ways of winning. ABD is less problematic, but lifting and shoveling are still very powerful while being very easy to do in comparison to the counters. People should be expected to play to win in a ranked gamemode, and the mods should be designed in a way that they are not easily exploitable

3) The points system is quite luck-based and random, and you can score just by maintaining contact with a body part after a strike. Despite this, all three mods use this point system, and it is the primary factor in determining the winner in both lenshyu and taekkyon.

4) Taekkyon involves too much luck and is hated by a large part of the community. While Taekkyon does involve skill, 100 dm threshold adds too much of a luck factor. A good player will normally beat a bad player, but a fight between two good players will be affected by the luck-based points system, and the low dm threshold.

To fix these problems, I would suggest a new modlist:

1) An Aikido variant that makes lifting less op, so either tpl12, tpl 13 or qukido. Personally, I think tpl 13 with no dq timer, but half of the frames, would be a good option here.

2) Either another aikido variant, or wrestlewip17. Wrestlewip17 is one of the least random mods in the game. There are no dms, fracs or points. The only problem is the games are long and end in draws too frequently. I believe this problem can be solved by reducing the reaction time, so games are faster and end in draws less often because there is less time to make a save. This mod should at least be on a public server, in my opinion.

3) Lenshu in a smaller ring, or RK-mma. This would make running less viable and the matches would involve more time fighting and less time moving towards eachother. Ideally a ranked striking mod would either have a minimum point requirement for a win (not currently possible) or a custom point system like TPL, where each joint is always worth a specific number of points, and you have to get a minimum amount of damage to score.

4) Either whichever one of the previous two options wasn't included, or a kicking mod that doesn't have such a low dm threshold, like sushiroll's kicking mod tkwip4.tbm.

I am less sure about the options for 3 and 4, as I normally play grappling mods, but I believe there are more skill-based striking mods out there than lenshu and tk, and I think having 4 mods to balance striking and grappling is a good idea.

Please share your views on this. I am interested to see if anyone has any other mod suggestions, and I would like to hear arguments from people who disagree.