Well, great core you have there. I would have grabbed uke's head as soon as possible after it further avoiding that annoying contact with his head.
Really good replay, let's wait for more
yeah, I was thinking about editing it, I felt the boom was too weak

edit: Bam
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Ishi4admin Wh-ORMO
Woah. Just woah. About 2 weeks ago you said that you're rusty. Fucking woah man. Now I see that you fully got back from the inactivity. I want to see more of your replays. I enjoy all of them, and I'm always happy when you show me/post them here. I am really glad to see you again. I love your productions. Replays you make are all stylish and stuff. You have your own style. No generic shit. Once again. Woah. 9/10
[20:35] <Erth> :D
The jumps were awesome.
I didn't like the way you run though.
When you try to run , try to not let the leg goes too far from the other leg.Always keep 'em close.(Idk how to explain )
I can't rate it right now because it's still a wip.
<Marco> and then Oblivion tried to sexually assault me
<Oblivion> and Marco wasn't surprised at all
Nice jumps and spin,
I like the way you didn't grab to climb and you landed correctly too!
I love the replays man! fluent and they all have a flow.
First kick is pretty cool though it looks damn twitchy second punch looks a bit stiff.But the last kick is better than the rest of the hits.The skeet is mind blowing