Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Everything you need to know about the clan.

We are a clan of mind and soul. We do not focus on ones skill, but of their heart. Yes, we do require you to show your strengths, but 75% of our attention goes to your actions. The way you present yourself, and how you do so are most important when wanting to join our clan. We will not tolerate any disrespect or cockiness in attitude. We would like to keep a calm, friendly environment around our forums, and cleanse ourselves of the less favorable. If you would like to join us in our discussions then fill out the application below within this thread, and we will vote on whether you are accepted in our private forums. If you happened to be invited to this clan, by any of the council members, you are still required to fill out an application. Thank you for you time.

Why we should pick you~
Extra information~
Shoe size~
Reference(if any)~

Ryan Moualem
Age: 14
Why we should pick you: I have talent in-game and I would like to have people discuss fighting styles with me. Also, I just want to be part of a community.
Extra Info: I'm not very active in the forums, but I am improving.
Shoe Size: 42
No Reference... sorry
Name=Jason A K
Why we should pick you= I will follow your rules and I can make the clan even more glorious
Extra information=I will improve my respecting skills to the leader and to the clan
Shoe size=about 40
Reference(if any)=Nope.... But I will MAKE THE GLORIOUS CLAN even more glorious........
Enigma | Indonesian?
rip aelise, she wil b remembrd
Application For Joining
Jonathan Bethiel

Age: 14

Why we should pick you: I am somewhat new to this game, but whenever I learn a move, it stays. If you take the time to truly break down a move for me to learn I will spend time to master it and to put it to good use winning matches ^_^. Also, I want to be part of a community within this game to further enjoy my time here. I just learned about the forums, but in all previous games I have played I was very active on each group of respective forums.

Extra Information: I love this game, will follow all clan rules, and will play any game mod. If you take the time to help me get stronger, I will improve myself on my own as well for the clan.

Shoe Size: 40-ish

Reference: None, but hopefully I will earn the respect and friendship of some of the members in this clan along the way!
Why we should pick you~Because i know i am in the clan "Bleu" but i learn it is a begginers clan so i want to join this clan and this is good clan i know.
Extra information~aikido,wushu,judo
Shoe size~38
Reference(if any)~i dont have some reference so i was apply for this clan and i hope you will be Accept it