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Pain System And Timed Grab On/Off
Well, i was thinking with some friends, and finally decided to post this idea here.
(Was lazy, doing others things and etc before)

Pain System:

Every time you get a strong hit, the area you're hit becomes Red, depending on the strong of that hit The Red is more visible.
If the Member/Joint become Fully Red Visible, the pain system would work, contracting that Joint/Member close to the center of the body, like a human do it when have Pain.

The Good About it: Would make the game more realistic for spars and such.

The Bad About it: In other fight mods, like Wushu,Aikido,Judo,etc would RUIN literally RUIN the oponent's move, "Kick, Leg Full Red, Contract Leg", i think you get it.
For this the ON/OFF option in the Mod Info Menu.

Timed Grab:

The first mod to come in our minds when we talk about Grab is Aikido, and i know, Timed grab in aikido would suck the mod itself. (ON/OFF Option again)

Timed grab would be adjustable, just like Dismemberment,Fracture,Weigh,etc.

Grab Time: 200 Frames
Recharge Grab Time: 100 Frames

I also think that this Timed Grab would be awesome for tourneys, so people won't spam Grab and etc. Skill + Brain = Great Gameplay.

Waiting For Opinions.
Help a Bro
Timed grab sounds interesting, but the pain system not so much. I think the pain system would be too annoying really, too much luck involved with that kind of thing. Would be whoever can paralyze the opponent fastest for a DQ. For that you can imagine in one turn it would be 50 / 50 chance to paralyze the opponent first, I think that would be rather annoying.

Although, if the "pain system" was used properly, with enough frames to counter each other along with the timed grab. Then it would make up for a interesting fight.

So all in all, I think both would be interesting in the game. But the timed grab is the most interesting. A set frames from grab to ungrab, even though it would be a bit annoying to constantly think about the grab.

So maybe instead of a set frames, the grab could be undone by enough force etc. If you break his arm then the grab automatically becomes disabled.