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couple of ideas
Tori resumes - what if everyone only made one huge resume including interests toribash history, name, personality...all of those things you could want to know about a player to be saved alongside your ranking, personal info etc. do that every person on toribash won't have to write a hundred apps for a hundred occasions, unless applying for specific groups clans, positions etc.

Personal bests- just a footnote keeping track of total fracs, decaps, breaks etc.

clan watch- a service that would only be available to gms and clan leaders that's a thread that keeps track of how long each player was in past clans and how many clans they've been in.
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Toribash isn't an online-dating service, so I don't really see how the first suggestion would be applicable or necessary for the community.
I see "About Me:" sections in profiles on other RP forums, but that's just for emphasizing on the roleplay and to build solid personas.
I don't feel this is needed.

For your second suggestion: sure, mini-stats would be pretty cool.
Maybe if they had their own section in "Ingame Earnings".
The statistics would only be able to represent data that occurred in official servers (much harder to rack up decaps/fracs/splits etc. when you can't change the game rules).
Although this would be an interesting feature, I feel it's not necessary at the moment.

For your third and final suggestion: I don't see why this would be useful (I didn't understand the second part of this suggestion, sorry about that).