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Forum "Highlight" Broadcasting
Just a small idea I came up with in Spanish Class...

This basically works like the global system in game, but except it works for both forums/ingame purposes. Ideally a marquee text scrolling across the screen, like staff member usertitles. Located somewhere on the top of the screen, maybe above the forum directory.

A user would pay a fee (to be determined later) to have a message or link broadcasted on the main forum directory. This message can be used to advertise events, market shops, ingame tournaments, etc. That way more people can see the messages instead of finding it or coming across it randomly.

Fee can be determined by different factores. Depending on whether or not the publisher wants to "upgrade" their broadcast. Options like:
Color option
Bold/italic/underlined option
HTML option
Character size capacity (ex: 100 character limit per broadcast).
Time broadcasted (ex: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month).

Tc sink.
GM use for forum or ingame events.
Usable by anyone in the community with the money to pay for it (makes it difficult for spambots to use if it requires toricredits).
Staff use to warn others of new rules, phishing links, other purposes...