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Toribash 3.5 - codename fnugget

As you probably have noticed, when Toribash start it can take up to an hour for all textures and stuff to update. Our texture server was downloading a couple of million textures per day. With this in mind I have rewritten how textures are handled. In 3.5 textures are downloaded as needed, so when you login to a server you will see the textures loading on the player.

New features:
- just in time downloading of player textures
- ingame /inventory
- ingame /senditem
- /download playername (to update all items and texture for player)
- new anti farming preventions
- new ranking system
- ingame display of your Toricredits balance

Bug fixes:
- floor textures are back
- /search player
- /list - shows room name instead of #
- bug when connecting to torilobby
Nice update, but I am sad to see the buddy list is still left out. :o
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Nice new features Hampa, I am impressed.
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En hilsen fra Norge! Good Job Hampüs, and Nabi studio. Keep up the great job!
Has the Texture bug been fixed, you know the one were you deactivate the texture but it still shows.
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Really cool. Love the new version. The only thing that I'm also missing is the buddy list, besides that... perfect! The new texture loading system also seems cool to me.

I tried /download [name] and it works just fine.

Good job!
good thing its for only people you meet, because the last version had billions of textures I couldnt find my own folder. Also nice TC counter in there, really usefull so I dont have to go on the forums to see how much I am earning.
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