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TBNext | Grab Suggestion
s small suggestion, you shouldnt be able to grab someone or something with the back of your hand just to make gameplay slightly more realistic
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As a player, I like my backwards grabs for replay making. Maybe a setting? I just see backwards grabs being on all the time if it's an option.
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I feel anything related to changing the core gameplay mechanics should be entirely optional.
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why does toribash needs to be realistic?

Well he said it would make it more realistic
i agree with tyzi, i like my backhand grabs. because the tori can't rotate his wrist to face backwards, it's useful to have that backhand grab when ukebashing.

if toribash next added wrist rotation, i wouldn't mind having front grab only
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Seems like a good idea however how would backhand grabs be realistic?

Well it's odd but I have seen a backhand grab in real life...


I could see this making really interesting replays. Having the ability to modify grabs should be toggleable according to the players preference. This could add more dynamic gameplay.(say a player has default grabs he could do moves a player with modified grabs couldn't)
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Toribash Isn't the most realistic game, how can you fracture a joint just being able to touch it.
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