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I'm LazerBomb!
Hello, my name is LazerBomb. Real name is Robert Kyles...I'm a 14 year old, born on August 2nd, 1994. I am a fun person to talk with..I'm also good at telling Scary Stories. I'm not a annoying person at all, unless you want me to be. I will enjoy this game because I already started playing. It's one of the best game's that I had ever played. I also went around the forum and found this! I just hope I get to make new friend's like I did on my last game.
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How do you get that

so i herd i lurk in a fag #t

It's a custom title set by an admin, you must do "special" things for one of those, or just go ahead and buy prime and be able to change your custom title and put a picture in your signature.

It's $10 for one year, check it out at the subscriptions area.
ayylmaos are real