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[Event] Ad Astra Per Aspera

Time has come to ascend to the stars and blow them up.
Here and now, I am pleased to present to you this event.
Your goal is to come up with a brilliant motto for our clan.
The winner will receive some tasty prizes.
And of course, his submission will be ours official motto for many long years.

1) Only one submission is allowed
2) A submission must be in English or Latin language
3) A plagiarism is allowed
4) You must be a [Hack]'s member to participate

1,000 Toricredits
Best motto:
50,000 Toricredits
VK stickers pack of your choice*

Winning submission will become ours official motto

* Excluding animated packs. This prize could be replaced with additional TC reward.

August 12, 00:00 PM (GMT +0)
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We sleep all the time, our clanmates are offline!
But everyone knows that [Hack] is topmost!
Don't push us too much, we can be like a beasts!
We will fight to the end for the glory of Nirs!
Update #1:
We are inactive, but we are eternal.
Update #2:
We are eternal.
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по английски не понимаю, че делать надо?
>The revival of the old school<
Придумать девиз для клана на английском или латинском языке.
Time goes by, but you've already lost.
In battles we are hardened, we are the best warriors.
When we're together, no one can stop us.
So where [hack] there is victory.

We'll win by hacking your hopes.


Through your tears and despair at the sight of our power, we will destroy your hopes of victory.


We are elusive hackers who hacked the path to perfection.
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[Hack] steps to godhood.

Это типо игра слов
Взламываем путь к божественности
Хак это путь к божественности