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Buying QI : Yes or Greedy?
Why do devs allow QI to be bought, QI shows your experience and something you can be proud of but now you can buy it.

Now it's not belt = skill

I wish I had known you can buy QI, I worked hard for this brown belt.

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Hi there, for the last 5 years belt has not shown your skill, but rather your experience. Most people don't look at your belt level and assume how good they are, since most people who stick around usually get into replay making.

Also, while brown belt is still a great achievement, try sticking around to get to 5th Dan, or even as long as tripstone and select others, who have played a whopping 50,000+ games ;)
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There was never such idea as belt = skill in this game. QI was up for sale since tha game first launched so yeah nothing new to be surprised about. Yes QI shows your exp in the game, but it doesn't equal the skill of a player.
It's just another cash grab. Buying QI is horse shit in my opinion.

We were all pissed when that became a thing.

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Only an idiot would buy QI since it literally means nothing

I'm happy its purchaseable so idiots can help support the game
Thinking QI = skill, makes my brain drop its IQ. I'd rather sticking on believing QI = Experience ( I think the reason why it can be bought is just some business thingy. For the game to last longer and have a better motivation for devs I guess ). I mean some people have more experience AND skill. So yeah.....
if u want a certain item that requires qi that bad, buy it instead of the qi you dumbleweed
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U can get any item u want wigh high qi tho and not have to buy an specific one : 3
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