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Greetings Earth People!

The Item Forgers bring you the items from another galaxy!

Antenna - 3 Shiai Tokens
Totally not for mind control.

Raygun - 4 Shiai Tokens
Blast them suckers! Zap Zap!

Jetpack - 5 Shiai Tokens
You're going to spaaaaace!

Space Helmet - 6 Shiai Tokens
Protects from the cold vacuum of space.

U.F.O. - 6 Shiai Tokens
Extraterrestrials are observing your ABD Skills!

Full Space items box - 18 Shiai Tokens (25% off!)
Includes all the space 3D items.

Ingame Previews:

We are also releasing a brand new limited edition color!
Welcome, Astro!
Credits for initial color idea to data

Astro will only be available this April either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Astro doesn't require Qi, and you will be able to trade the items after purchase no matter if you bought from Torishop or got them for your ST.


So now it's time to spend your hard earned Shiai Tokens into these wonderful items!
To infinity and beyond!
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already selling the pack and gonna get big bucks lmao. vanish is 100% right this is the best month good job.

plus that dark purple is my favorite color so yay
I bought both astro color packs
you guys can dl lp me to see how it looks like
who did the art work btw? It looks really nice
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I'm in [a] now