Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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want to join old?
all you have to do is tell us about yourself, please use proper English and if you aren't an idiot then we might consider you.
we require you to post on our clan thread every once in a while.
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[1] IRL name: Skylar

[2] Where are you from? Arkansas

[3] How old are you? 14

[4] Do you want to join? I think so

[5] Why do you want to join? So I can flex on the haters. To join a competitive clan and get better

[6] Do you consider yourself as a Top Shagger? Idk do I?

[7] Are you a CHILDISH individual? No, comedic though

[8] are you vigilant? Sure...

[9] Are you sure about your answer to Question [4]? No

[10] Would you say that you are a loyal person? In retrospect, I believe so.

[11] What clans have you been in the past? Respect

[12] On a scale of 1/10 how active are you on the forums? 6, on toribash, 10

[13] Do you have any replays? Yes
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You are only saying that because I wasn't patient enough to wait for 26 people to keep getting nudged in front of me because of YOU
ayy whatsup
i'm an alt, lead me to the door please
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oi, is this still valid

clearly not for you, if you have [py] in mind and join fear?