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[R]D-VII clan picture
Hello there. Now, D-VII(Deadly Seven) is Requesting a clan picture.
I am paying 70k. You must make this clan picture EPIC!

EndDate: 15th of August.

Players in the picture:

WarMedic - Brother of Creation
Xhiba - Brother of Sound
AkumaBeast - Brother of Time
Punisher - Brother of War
Iznogood - Brother of Wisdom
devranovic - Brother of Revenge
SWEXxELITE - Brother of Agility

In this clan picture by the player must be there title. I wan't this logo in it
e.g.: A picture of WarMedic and on top of his head, 'Brother of Creation'.

I want this picture amazing. gogogogogogogogo.

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fl0w. Logo Designer, PM me.
i'm in
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umm if u gonna do the clan pic guys then u should take the pics ofus and the pose either i think it will be best cause mostof our clan is playing with out shaders....
Added the endate. If anyone needs it too be extended I need to see a preview of how far you are with it.
fl0w. Logo Designer, PM me.