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Original Post
[OSHI]Trash Can
Here is where useless posts, closed threads (We'll see if it needs to be moved here if we think it's not appropriate to this forum.), and other junk.
It might seem empty, but it'll probably be mostly deleted threads and posts.

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[OSHI]Application Thread

^Sweet Pic Wiirus^
Hi there welcome to Oshi. If you want to join Oshi, it's quite simple. Just fill out the following application and then we'll see if you get in or not.
Please make sure you read this whole post here before you post an app.

♪♪Application to join♪♪
Why do you want to join:
Clan you are in:
Forum activity 1-10:
Favorite Mods:
Any infractions/points? (be honest):
*What's your talent on TB (texture make, replay making, art making, etc.) :
Other stuff about you:
Game Card:
replays or art: (Must atleast be 3)
* If your good at making art or textures, post atleast 3 examples of your work, and you won't have to post replays, but if your good at replays then post atleast 3 replays

If you've been accepted here are just a few things to remember. You must post here at least 3-5 times a week here. Just so we can make sure you are active. But don't just post useless spam here plz. If you aren't able to post here for a while please pm me saying why you can't. Then everything will be ok.
Have fun
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Originally Posted by deridor View Post
great job ginkey. my org beat yours though :P so, now what are we gonna do in oshi?

We'll probably be more neater and be able to host events and all that stuff
Why do you want to join: To meet nice people, and help this org grow ^^
Clan you are in: Flawless
Forum activity 1-10: 9
Favorite Mods: akido<3
Any infractions/points? (be honest): None
*What's your talent on TB (texture make, replay making, art making, etc.) : Text, rpl,art, almost all types of art
Belt: green :v
Other stuff about you: Im a nice guy, friendly and a bit crazy ^^



one of my 1 vids,(second replay is bugged) my "radio" site

i have more stuff btw
When you have access to IRC, we'd love to see you visit our channel when you can. Our channel is #oshi. When you don't have access to IRC, follow this link: to get in our channel.

Ginkey, xNill and I are opped there.

Most of the general forum rules apply there, but it's a0 bit more casual. Just use common sense, you'll be alright.
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Thanks for the Avatar, MrAakash