Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
Lol I'm not that good of a replay maker :P
Decent app compared to the others we have recently had, I'm neutral, leaning towards a yes based on the others decisions.
[03:39] <idabosswiz> can't you just set up a pass for ddos?
Thanks and I meant Hours as a good replaymaker. But your pretty decent at it too. Better then me for sure.

I'm gonna wait for others' decision.
Also y u no watch my replaiz
<Marco> and then Oblivion tried to sexually assault me
<Oblivion> and Marco wasn't surprised at all
Hmm, decent app, but it is a little boring.

Post a silly picture to show that you're not a boring person.

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I'm not boring D:

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There's good players in this clan like PTD, Hours, Tengo and MrJingles.

Yes from me though, you seem to be a nice and funny guy.
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I need some time to think. Leaning towards a yes... but not sure.

New thought

Ever watch the movie "the whiz"?
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