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Pixelmon/Vanilla Minecraft Server!
Hey guys, so I have a pretty cool things for you dudes if you're all interested. Not sure how many of you are Minecraft/Pokémon folk, but Chirs is an admin on my server I thought I'd ask you dudes if you guys wanted to join this!

So I have a Minecraft server dedicated to the Toribash community, and I was gonna transition to Sponge and Pixelmon integration for my server! Gonna be doing this sometime today, and I thought I'd let you dudes know about it.

Here's what Pixelmon has:

randomly generated gyms
pokemarts and pokemon centers
pokeball/great ball/every pokeball crafting
custom items and ores
pcs, Pokémon trading, healing stations
fossils and fossil machines
legendary Pokémon from generations I - V (!!!)
boss Pokémon and super evolution leveling
randomly generated trainers
player battling between frienemies
ivs/evs leveling system
Pokémon eggs and breeding
540~ Pokémon from generations I - V, and starter Pokémon w/ evolutions from Gen VI
very rare shrines and orbs for legendary birds
lots of other shit

Here's a link to the mod for more information, download the dedicated client from this website:

Pokémon List:émon

Legendary Pokémon List:émon

If you guys wanna hop on, it could be pretty neat. Gonna add it sometime today!

Here's a link to the server Discord!
Creation are you paying for the hosting if so hit me up i can save you some money on this ;) also got license's for 2 different control panel's
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I wanna check later
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pretty sick ay, and if any of you got a problem launching the mod with the launcher its self I can teach you how to install it with forge since I've had the same problem.
oh and p.s.

there are officially two Minecraft servers: one bukkit, one pixelmon

use them
pixelmon is down my dude
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