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It was pretty messy lol , I prefer it this way, fresh start and all.

So im thinking about continuing on with my set and I want to brainstorm alittle . Its a semi futuristic ninja suit ( lp me to take a gander). The head is a good start but im going from the feet up this time . Theres two things that I cant seem to make a choice on , the first is the overall texture style of the textures , ex: silk , velvet , cevlar, ect . Some kind if pattern that would stand out to make it look like some kind of fabric, but not too much, just enough to notice.

The second is the feet . Im thinking of somthing along the lines of a two toed ninja boot that stretches part way up the shin.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated .

This shit. In black.

That kind of boots.
Oh and TR, I really like your textures. If you could make me a nice "ninja" set I'd be happy to pay up to 100k if I really like it
Those are some nice ideas jisse, especialy the shit kickers lol. I was going for a skin tight kinda ninja boot but I like those ones better . Unfortunatley I dont have 512 or shin textures ( derp), so I'll need to find some way of getting them.

As for your request , I may be able to. Im not the greatest at textures tho but I'll see what I can do . It will probably take alittle time to do. Do you have a color choice ? or what is your force color?

Our good freind LatinBlade needs a hand with his video guys and im sure one person in this fine clan of ours would be willing to help out.

He needs some one here to record his replays ( that have been keyframed already) with raytrace and his choice in shaders. After the recording of each replay is complete , send him the avi file so that he can get to work on it .

It only takes a min to do each replay and would be greatly appreciated by me and LatinBlade if some one could take the time to do so.
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I'd like the set Quicksilver as primary and Vampire as secondary misc.


I'd do the video thing if my computer could handle it :/
Oh and take your time TR.
This is a set I never wanna get rid off. Make it a masterpiece ;)
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lol a masterpiece , Im not sure how its going to turn out .

So too need some assistance with some recording , but this has to do with a new mod pack . Is anyone up for this task ? there will only be maybe 5 replays in total.
anyone knows how to fix the user32 problem?
shit i got the feeling that i need to comeback in toribash
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