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woo this clan fucked up.
try to get damn active members

don't talk shit about my favorite clan

i'll fucking kill you

It really seems like our forum is dead tho.

But that's our own fault and I'm not going to recruit a bunch of people just for the sake of keeping the clan alive :u

Most members are still around on skype and stuff like that, so there's always the chance of us making a comeback. And as you know, sometimes it takes some time to set up a proper comeback.
Unfortunately, that's not the case here; it rather looks like almost everyone lost interest in the game at the same time. And whenever I'm taking a look at the serverbrowser, there's no one I know around and the servers with mods I'd like to play are empty.
Furry prints is still pretty active not like there's no hope
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Lmao we still have our friendly neighborhood Orko around saving the day I miss being active and having fun with you lot but seems like this girl just kinda grew out of this game :/

(I regret nothing, it was kinda fun to lie my ass off to everyone xD)
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I like how we all still have these trash profile pictures. Just like old times...

But I'm trying to get back into it so maybe we ain't dead?
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But I'm trying to get back into it so maybe we ain't dead?

Yeah I wanna see more than just one of us online at a time.

This is taking it a little bit out of proportion but I reckon it'd be pretty cool if our clan made some sort of legendary come-back, with hopefully at least 50% of our members regularly active on forums and in-game.

Just a visualization