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Juhizz is gay.
Now, I know this has been a question we all have had for a while now.
But I recently got the gonads to go ahead and have a quick interview with the masked menace himself.
The conversation that I had with him proves that he is gay.
Brace yourself.

Gay = Proven

I uncovered some of our old chats.

This is just absurd... he literally said "gay", indicating to us that he actually is gay.
I attempted to bait him in using my seductive literature.

Gay = Proven V2

Now hopefully my final piece of evidence.
I caught juhizz using some type of "gay slang words".
Here's what he said:


After he said stickied... I was just so... so, so scared for his life.

I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and this is what it said:


gay term used to describe asians who are into asians. Derived from the slang term "rice queen"

White BOy: can i score a number?
asian boy: sorry, i'm sticky...

by royal_purple July 25, 2005

Therefore... Juhizz is gay.
Sorry it had to be this way.
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detective ocean you've done it again
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