Wizzop please send the full 128 body within 24hours or you will be reported with screens and banned, ty. (isn't cool to scam and just because u force ping on a one turn away from losing game 1-2 about to be 1-3, doesn't get you out of sending) don't make me report please
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Wizzop left the clan voluntarily after I informed him in-game about Lurk's complaint and Lord Thronior's disappointment. He did it for the clan to avoid reputation issues.
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Fine, so far. I really started to think that many of the newbie members of the clan are not fully aware that this thread exist. Or they tend to hang-out often in Discord. Or most new players these days doesn't care about the forum at all.

As a former leader and founder of Reckless, thank you for still looking after the clan, even though the inactivity. You really deserve to be called "Lord". Hehe.
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well thanks lol, i'm not really looking after it much, i'm just checking in every now and then. honestly i dont like what the clan is like nowadays, but i'm just not motivated enough to take the ropes and reform it a bit.

And yeah with reckless the forum activity has always been a big problem. even back in the day we only had like 2 or 3 clanmembers using it, and the rest were people from other clans that i befriended by invading literally every clanthread in the forums lmao

Anyways, i just want to say that i had the best date of my life yesterday...

even tho with my life that doesn't mean much, but still it was great!

how's your life going?
Life is rough here in the Philippines, followed by the usual, harmful tropical climate. People here tend to get used to living simpler, practical lives. I left my job in the motorcycle industry a year ago and spent most of my time helping family members. I now have a hyper-active two years old daughter. My wife is the successful one. She has professions in the fields of Nursing and Midwifery; and recently received her masters degree in Nursing; and currently works as a Clinical Instructor. I may get a new job sooner this year. As long as I think positively and be satisfied with what little things I have - life will be a breeze.
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well you have a succesful wife and little daughter, you used to have a good job so i'm sure you'll find something good again soon, so honestly it doesn't look like it's going too bad for you